Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gettin the bus tomorrow!!

Hi! It's Gabe and Jacqualine and we're gonna tell you how we're gonna get the bus tomorrow! :D Ok so.... this is how we're gonna get the bus, we're gonna go to sleep and then wake up at 6:00 in the morning. Then we're gonna get in our mom's truck and then we're gonna put the keys in the ignition and after that we're gonna floor the gas pedal and go zooming out of the garage and driveway! We're gonna give the dude the money, get the bus, then come back home and act like nothing happened. But when our parents wake up we'll run downstairs and be like "MOM, DAD! THE BUS IS IN OUR DRIVEWAY!" and then mom's gonna be like "Oh honey, you must be kidding, the bus wouldn't just show up in our driveway overnight." and then we'll say "No mom! We're serious it's really in our driveway!" and then Gabe is goin to burp and say "sorry mom, I had some gas today, gotta let it out, it can't just live in my tummy forever." "oh never mind that. I'll go see if the bus is really there and if you two are lying you're going to be in some serious doodoo" is what she'll say, and then dad says "no honey let me come too." So we were outside in the cold and there was the bus the beautiful bus. When they saw it they woke up everyone in our house and we worked on it and worked on it until it was done, then we just drove away. the end!