Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 weeks!

It's been 3 weeks since we left GA. We went to the beach today and it was finally a nice day! It wasn't freezing like the last two time! The water was cold though, after 10 minutes my legs were numb and when i got out they were bright red. The only thing was that the beach that we were gonna go to originally was closed because parking was full, so we ended up going to a different one and the traffic was horrible! Coming and going it was pretty bad. Before we left some guy saw Rickey's shirt which says something about Jesus and he came over and talked to my dad. Apparently he was going through a lot of challenges in life and he just started talking about how he knows God will help him and stuff. He wasn't one of those weird people that just come up and start trying to preach to you though. He was actually kinda cool and he asked us pray for him and whatnot, it was just one of those you have to be there moments. And now we're back in the bus. Renzo's trying to make a match rocket, or something like that with the boys and I'm doing this. Dad has been working on plumbing and propane the last couple of weeks with out grandpa. And that's it I guess, nothing to interesting.
Love you guys, Jacque

Monday, May 17, 2010

So we've been in NY for a week. I got a Bop It thingy and that kept me entertained for a couple days, yesterday we went to Cold Spring Harbor and literally got chased by wild turkeys! I can't believe I didn't have the camera! but mom got a few pictures, I'll put them up later because the computer isn't working right. I'm on a Blink-182 kick right now, so that's all I've been listening to lately. My mom and I might go to Bamboozle or Warped Tour, it depends on if we can find anyone to go with us, I can;t wait to go to the wt in GA. We went to my aunts house on friday and I got to see my cousins baby Jayden. The boys and I played video games most of the time I think it was Call of Duty and that's it. Other than that this week was really boring.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The wild ride

Made it to NY after one WILD ride. The short version is: departure day we decide I must drive our car because apparently we can't tow it with a dolly. Leave much later than anticipated. An hour into trip we almost overheat. The cat freaked out and made a bloody mess until he was let out of the cage and allowed to hide under a blanket. Princess who was always the good dog was a monster. Fido who was always the bad one was the best behaved. The hamsters survived and the snake was a challenge because of so much stuff in his tank. realize a few hours into our journey I left laundry in the dryer. oops. I liked that top. Oh well.  Spent a night in a truck stop. Gopt lost on a country road. Thankfully not for long. Lost easch other several times going over bridges and through city. Spent a very cold night in a parking lot. Kids are headed indoors tonight thanks to a very generous offer. Gonna be another very cold night. BRRRR....... Snuggled under some nice warm blankets I shall sleep like a rock. Need to recoup. Goodnight all.

Finally in NY!

We left Ga saturday afternoon and got to NY at around 2ish sunday morning.
The ride started out pretty good, the dogs were fine for the mostpart... until we started driving. That's when they started drooling and trying to get in the bunks. After we got them to calm down the cat started going crazy. At the time he was in the cage and started scratching at the door thing. He managed to twist two claws and get a bloody paw. When we stopped at the gas station I let him out and he was fine. I guess cats just don't like cages. The rest of the drive was actually pretty good. The only bad thing was that everytime we stopped Princess (the dog) ran straight to the door and wouldn't listen to us. We stopped around 10 and slept at a truck stop and surprisingly we all slept pretty good. We didn't sleep late, but we slept good. We woke up sunday morning at started going again.
We drove all day, with a couple stops in between and it was pretty good. We stopped at McDonalds for either lunch or dinner, I don't remember right now, but it was one of the two. When it started getting late I was gonna go lay down in my bed but, it smelled yucky, so of course I went and tried to find out what it was and when I got to the foot of my bed I saw that the cat had peed! All over the foot of my bed! So I ended up sleeping on the bench and I was uncomfortable and freezing all night but somehow I actually slept pretty good. We stopped in the Goodwill parking lot, which is across the street from my grandparents house, and spent the night there. When we woke up we just sat in the bus and waited till my grandparents moved the cars out the driveway.
When the cars were moved we somehow managed to get the bus into the back yard. This whole time I noticed something, new yorkers don't stare nearly as much as everyone else does, they just look at the bus and go right back to whatever they're doing.
That's it so far. Goodbye!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting there

Not going to post till we get going. May be quiet for awhile as plans keep changing and stuff keeps gettin delayed. Adventure awaits. trying to get there is an adventure in of itself.