About Us

 The Fermin Family
We are the Fermin  Family. We are a family of six, four kids and two adults. We have recently downsized from a 3,600sq ft house to about 200sq ft.....in a school bus. You don't have to say it, we already know we're crazy. We're always moving anyway so why not just live in a house that moves wherever we move? Now we can go almost anywhere we want, whenever we want. We would like to live on the road for at least a year and if everyone wants to keep going when that year is up, I guess we'll keep going!

Name -  Dennis
Age - He doesn't want you to know that
About Me - Our dad is a full-time professional musician, a solo artist that goes by Fermin Spanish Guitar and he is also a music teacher. He teaches guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, he even does live webcam lessons!

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Name -  Stacey
Age - Same here
About Me - Our mom is a professional photographer, she has her own her business called Candid Capture Photography. She was born and raised in New York and she's proud of it! She has a doggy named Fido. She goes with Jacqualine to concerts all the time. She doesn't like doggy slobber. She started homeschooling us 5 years ago.

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Name - Jacqualine
Age - 13
About Me - I would be Jacqualine Fermin. I'm 13. I have 3 younger brothers. I play guitar. I've been home schooled since 2nd grade. I love going to concerts. I look forward to Warped Tour every summer. I'm extremely shy, yet love being around people. I always have to change things after a while, whether it be my appearence, my bunk or even the blog. I laugh when nobody else does, then I feel stupid. I'm always doind something different. One day photography, drawing the next, then photoshop and so on, but one thing I've always enjoyed doing is anything music related. That's all I have to say. Bye!

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Name - Lorenzo
Age - 11
About Me - I have a snake, and his name is Cheese. I like to build forts in the woods with my brothers. Some bands I like are Taking Back Sunday, Escape the Fate, and Switchfoot. I like to yo-yo.

Name - Gabriel
Age - 9
About Me - I like to play with my friends, sing songs, explore places and eat a lot. I have a hamster named Pearl. I have a friend named Pizza. I Build stuff with my dad a lot and I also build with Lego's. I also like to write this, and that's it ya'll!

Name - Enrique (Ricky)
Age - 7
About Me - Ricky is 7 years old, he's in 1st grade, he can't seem to stay clean for more that a couple hours. Ricky has a Teddy Bear hamster named Spanky. He's very social and loves talking non-stop, he has the gift of gab. He doesn't know how to make paper airplanes, but soon he shall learn, because Gabe will  teach him.

Name - The Bus
Age - I really don't feel like doing the math
About Me - This is our bus! We got it on March 1st and we've been working on it since.