Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So mom was going in and out of the house making hamburgers on the barbeque and some other stuff. She comes back out again after a while to check on the burgers. Guess what she saw. Our 9 year old neighbor in the woods behind our house...running away from a fire! She yelled at me to get her phone, called 911 while running to untangle the hose as the fire grew. After a while I guess a neighbor noticed and he came out with his hose and helped. I new the kid was stupid but, I honestly didnt think he was that stupid. So right after my mom and neighor put out the fire The firemen show up but, they wont go talk to the kid because my mom didnt actually see him light anything she just turned around and saw him running away from a itty bitty fire that looked like it had just been lit. Let's just hope we get out of here before he decides to light the house on fire instead. I wish I had the camera

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally Getting Somewhere

Weeeell I do believe we finally finished the ceiling! We've started put down the subfloor for the carpet in the bunk room thingy, but of course, the drill bit broke! So now we have to wait till tomorrow, after that our aunt it coming, and along with the rest of our family she's completely clueless about the bus, so we aren't gonna be able to work on it for a little while. Now back to the good news! My mom sent out an email or something last night and now we have to families that are willing to come out and help us with the bus sometime! It's amazing how nice these people are! I don't think anything like that has happened since we've lived in a house, maybe being on the road will be better than I thought! At the moment Gabe and my dad are upstairs modifying the beds to turn them into bunk beds and whatnot. Theres a new video up on youtube too! aaaaand here it is!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The adventure hasn't even begun

The adventure hasn't even begun or so I thought. Trying to sell the house instead of losing it all. Negotiations are under way. Losing our shirts but rather head out with no debt if we have a say. Learning that life has other plans for us. The bus is nowhere near done. Losing my mind. Hubby is exhausted from working constantly on the bus and coming home to teach so we can keep what little income is left to keep us fed and a roof over our heads till our new home on wheels is ready. I don't know what to say. Life is an adventure and this is the wildest adventure yet.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Tune in next time for more.
More to come,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Exhausted, excited, terrified, all these emotions at the same time are taxing and it's just the beginning. There is an offer on our house that God willing will pan out. They get an awesome price, we lose money but we want to hit the road with no debt. A sale and losing a ton of money would definatley beat losing it all and being stuck with the financial turmoil called debt that this crappy economy has left us with.

making progress FINALLY. The ceiling is up. That was a nightmare. The floor insulation is in. Now it's time for hubby to start framing it out. So much work and so little time. We hope to bring the bus to the house on weekends so we can put more time into getting it done. Damn HOA!

The kids I think are handeling all this chaos better than me. I keep flip flopping that this will be a wonderful adventure. Sure it will have it's ups and downs. that's life. It can be a wonderful learning experience. new people,new cultures,freedom to explore the world in which we live. The traditional lifestyle of get married, buy a house and car, have kids and do the mundane daily routine till everyone is out of the house repeating the cycle in their own lives then it's time to go enjoy life is ingrained in our brains at such a young age that the fear of screwing up our kids keeps sneaking into my head. Family should enjoy life together.

blah blah blaah

so far we've gotten the ceiling up and the insulation for the floor down and next we're gonna frame it out and after we do that dad's gonna build a bunch of stuff. We finally got an offer on the house! they came to look at it again today so right now we're just waiting. I'm kinda excited to go on the road, but at the same time I really don't want to go. Ya know what you should definitely do, you should check out NeverShoutNever's new album, cuz it's pretty flippin awesome! Click Me!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It has been almost 2 weeks since we have gotten our bus. It has certainly been a rough start. Who would have thunk that the ceiling having been taken out would have been such a project. We are newbies and are figuring out the conversion process as we go. I believe hurdle #1 has been cleared. Woo hoo!!!! Onto the next project. Hope to have the bus done within a couple of months. Follow along on this crazy journey of converting a school bus into a home on wheels. It has just begun.
I am excited and terrified at any given moment about this adventure. The kids are excited and Dennis is excited. I'm the chicken in the family. Guess I'll have to get over myself.