Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Been a while

It's been awhile since anyone has posted on the blog. I guess we get to busy with life. We have been having a blast since we left Georgia. Not to say that Georgia wasn't fun but it got a bit mundane after awhile. It was beyond time to move on. Fun in the sun is were it's at today. We spent some time in St. Augustine. WOW!!!! It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I absolutley fell in love. The campground was in the middle of nowere and we had the invasion of deer ticks which was not fun but what fun would it be if everything was always smooth sailing. I haven't a clue but I'd like to try it sometime. Animal visitors to our campsite was not uncommon and Frank the racoon came to visit me every night. Frank was fearless. He laughed at me I swear. He gaurded the bus door one night and I couldn't get inside. Fearless Frank. I was NOT ready to leave. I was in paradise. I wish I could figure out how to get pics on this blog. jacque is going to have to show me. Alas we had to leave ):
We almost ran outta gas in the middle of the night driving through alligator country. No gas for miles. God must have been watching out for us because we should not have made it to the gas station. We were beyond empty. Never a dull moment.
We spent a day at the fair were dennis was performing. Been a long time since we have done anything like that. It was a blast. the kids had sooooo.... much fun. they rode the rides till they closed down. I would have been sick if I spun that much. It was funny watching them walk crooked after getting off a ride.
Jacque got to go to a concert with her dad. I got dibs on the next one. I love that she is to young to go by herself. we have an excuse to go make our ears bleed and see a live show that you know you would find a reson why you couldn't go otherwise. I am still waiting to hear if he behaved himself.LOL.