Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Been a while

It's been awhile since anyone has posted on the blog. I guess we get to busy with life. We have been having a blast since we left Georgia. Not to say that Georgia wasn't fun but it got a bit mundane after awhile. It was beyond time to move on. Fun in the sun is were it's at today. We spent some time in St. Augustine. WOW!!!! It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I absolutley fell in love. The campground was in the middle of nowere and we had the invasion of deer ticks which was not fun but what fun would it be if everything was always smooth sailing. I haven't a clue but I'd like to try it sometime. Animal visitors to our campsite was not uncommon and Frank the racoon came to visit me every night. Frank was fearless. He laughed at me I swear. He gaurded the bus door one night and I couldn't get inside. Fearless Frank. I was NOT ready to leave. I was in paradise. I wish I could figure out how to get pics on this blog. jacque is going to have to show me. Alas we had to leave ):
We almost ran outta gas in the middle of the night driving through alligator country. No gas for miles. God must have been watching out for us because we should not have made it to the gas station. We were beyond empty. Never a dull moment.
We spent a day at the fair were dennis was performing. Been a long time since we have done anything like that. It was a blast. the kids had sooooo.... much fun. they rode the rides till they closed down. I would have been sick if I spun that much. It was funny watching them walk crooked after getting off a ride.
Jacque got to go to a concert with her dad. I got dibs on the next one. I love that she is to young to go by herself. we have an excuse to go make our ears bleed and see a live show that you know you would find a reson why you couldn't go otherwise. I am still waiting to hear if he behaved himself.LOL.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

blah blah blah

Last weekend I hung out with some girls my age. They were renting one of the cabins because it was one of their birthdays. I got to spend the night with them and we tried to build a fort on the playground, but when the parents went to the cabin to go potty and we weren't there they freaked out and we had to go back inside, but it was fun.

A couple nights ago we went and hung out with the owners and some of the other people that work here. One of the owners kids ran outside with a cereal box and a lighter and started a fire in the fire pit. When it started going out he went back inside at got more trash, after that all the boys were going in and out with trash, and then they started gettting trash from the garbage cans around the campground. it was pretty funny.

We went to Cave Springs Georgia on Friday to see a cave. It was kinda small, I was expecting it to be a lot bigger, and have water dripping from the ceiling or something, but my said it was a dead cave. They had an underwater spring, and supposedly it's the cleanest water source on this side of the pacific.

Last but not least, I added a couple of things to my BeHappyKid store, so you should definately go check that out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waco Fall Fest

So yesterday was the Waco Fall Fest. I don't think I've ever seen that many people in one place in this town since we've been here. It was really hot so we didn't stay most of the day because everyone was complaining that they wanted to go.

They had a talent show later on that Lorenzo and I had already signed up for, I only signed up because there were no other musicians and he needed someone to compete against. I had to do an easy song because I had less than 2 days, I ended up playing "When I Come Around" from Green Day.

Everyone in talent contest was a singer! Most of them were really good, but they had 3 old ladies judging, supposedly they had all worked in the music business for a very long time, but who knows how long ago that was. It was all country, but they not once chose the people that actually deserved to win. The singers were divided in age groups 15 and under, and 16 and up. For the 15 and under group, the first girl played guitar and sang and in my opinion she was the best. The girl that got 1st place was alright, but the girl who got second place sang the star spangled banner and in my honest opinion, she was absolutely terrible, but, to each his own.

For the 16 and up group, they did a little better when they picked the winners. They chose some girl that had great stage performance for 1st place, a barber quartet for 2nd, and an amazing singer for 3rd. I think the barber quartet or the girl who got 3rd should have won and my dad thinks the same.

When it was my turn to play I couldn't hear the music at all so I sounded like absolute crap! I could only feel the bass drum and it screwed up the whole song. Supposedly one of the judges was giving the sound guys dirty looks when he tried to turn it up. So I was ready to just collapse when I got off the stage.

When Renzo went up he said he couldn't hear the music all that great either, but he still did a whole hell of a lot better than I did.

They called us both up to the stage and Renzo got a 1st place trophy and $100 and I got $25. It was definitely an experience, I can tell ya that. We ended up splitting the money, both because it was an unfair competition and also because he couldn't have done it without me. So I guess that means I get to go to my Flyleaf concert. YAY!

When we got back we had ice-cream and root beer with everyone up at the office to celebrate. All in all it was an interesting experience.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day trip to Talladega National Forest and More

Things were getting a bit stagnat for awhile. Everyone was getting restless, wanting to move on. We decided we have to venture out. Fear of breaking down yet again couldn't continue to hold us back. So we all took a deep breath and hoped for the best. Happy to report we made to Alabama and back with no problems except for a scare that the brake problem was not yet fixed properly. Turned out it was just from having to use the brakes a bit more going up and down all the hills. I think my heart skipped beat when Dennis said STOP! I smell breaks again. Thankfully all was okay.
We hiked to what was supposed to be waterfalls. Well.... we didn't find much in the way of waterfalls but it was beautiful and we had a blast climbing on the rocks and some of us took a shower in the what was flowing. It was an awesome day and rechared us all.
We are getting antsy and wanting to move on, but it looks as though we will be hanging around till November. Have to secure some cash and possibly another work camping gig. We shall see what is in store. No more plans set in stone since God seems to have other plans and it trips us up. Just going with the flow from here on out.
I would post pics but seems I can't figure it out. Gonna have to have Jacquedo it for me. In the meantime if you want to check out some pics of our day you can head on over to my website candidcapturephotography.com or candidcapture.redbubble.com or even find me on facebook.
We did meet a family travelling fulltime. They got us beat. They have six kids. Glad to have some kids during the week. Jacque has girls her ageto hang with a couple of days. Good things are happening. May God keep us on the upswing.
Hope everyone is having an awesome time in whatever they are doing and werever they are.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Fun

Well, it's been quite a while, so I figured I'd post something on here to fill everyone in on what we've been up to.
A few weeks ago we went to a little town thingy a little ways up the road. It was pretty much empty, but we got some neat pictures there. There were train tracks going in between buildings and it was just a neat little town.

After that we went to a "ghost town" although it honestly was not much of a ghost town. There were houses all up and down the road and all there really was was a cemetery. Some of the headstones were from way back in th 1800's. The cemetery was a little weird though, because most of the graves were fenced in, but there was one part where there were just a bunch of them sprawled out in a little clearing by the road.

Last Friday we went to Cheaha State Park in The Talledega National Forest. There were a bunch of trails and stuff to walk up and we chose the Silent Trail (we weren't very quiet). We walked about a mile until we came to the waterfall we were looking for. There wasn't a whole lot of water because the river was low, but either way it was beautiful! We got to climb on the rocks, and everything, there was even one part where there was water coming of tree roots so it was just like and shower and the boys actually went and stood under it. The water was incredibly soft and clean too. We had pictures, but I don't think they're on the computer, and I don't feel like uploading them, maybe later.

This weekend was a blast! There were a bunch of kids here for Labor Day weekend and the campground had a bunch of activities. There was a Pinewood Derby Car Race thing, the  boys made cars and were obsessing over them, trying to make them as fast as they could without going over the weight limit. Some old guy I think won 1st place, some kid got second, and I think one of my brothers friends got 3rd. I'm sure if that's exactly right though, because I was in the bus, sick. There was a glowstick train ride too. When me and my brothers got on everyone started screaming and there was one girl who was probably 8 or 9 who kept saying "Stop! Stop screaming! You're gonna make my ears bleed! Please! Stop!" and she would scream at the top of her lungs and say "Now stop!!!!!!!!!!!" It was kind of funny honestly. There were also a bunch of kids chasing the train and jumping on the back of it, which the boys and I joined in on when we got off, but after that rounf they told us we weren't allowed to do it anymore because someone might get hurt, I guess they were right, but come on! We were having fun, I don't think we were being to stupid. Last night they had a campfire/cookout. My dad played some acoustic rock covers, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and just had ourselves a good 'ole time! After the campfire the boys got Brad's had (Brad is out parent's new buddy and a guy that works here) so he chased them around for a couple of hours and got Rickey in the pool, then I joined in. When he finally got his hat back all the kids (I mean almost all the kids in the campground) tackled him and we got it back. He said he'll chase us for it again to day after he gets off work and he also said that me and my brothers are all getting thrown in the pool.

I started making some bottlecap necklaces. Some of them actually turned out pretty cool. I think I'm gonna put them up for sale on my store when they're all done.

So all in all this weekend has been pretty good for the most part, by far the most fun I've had on this adventure so far. As of yesterday, I don't want to leave this place, it's to much fun on the weekends.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lego Man's Space Adventure!

Hello! Today has been a pretty good day. After schoolwork I drew with the boys and came up with little comic strips that I thought I'd share with you. One is called "Lego Man's Space Adventure!" and the other is called "The World's Biggest Bubble Gum Bubble" I even wrote a story to go along with the Lego Man comic and I'll add that later.

Lego Man's Space Adventure!
The Lego Man comic is pretty much about a Lego man that makes a rocket ship, crashes, and alien helps him fix it and he lives happily ever after.

The World's Biggest Bubble Gum Bubble
The Bubble Gum comic is about a girl who blows a big bubble and then it pops in here face pretty much.

I think they're both pretty cool. Maybe I'll be a comic book writer haha.

*You can click the picture to get a bigger view*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guess who!

It's been awhile since I've done anything on here, but for once it was someone other than me, I think my mom makes things sound more interesting anyways.

I finally got to go to Warped Tour and I had a blast! I got to see one of my favorite bands, Pierce the Veil. They were pretty stupendous, but We the Kings had one of the the best crowds.

I've been talking to a girl that lives on the road in an RV with her family. She has a brother and a sister and they're all triplets! You can read their blog HERE.

We're still here at Jellystone Park in Waco GA. I think we're gonna stay here until November, and then we might go to Kentucky for some Amazon job thingy. I think it might be fun to go to Kentucky because one of the families we know said that there's 5 other families on the road up there. Maybe I'll get lucky and at least one of them will have a kid around my age.

Yesterday I found something on Yahoo where people recycled old shipping containers and made them into liveable spaces. So that got us thinking, maybe we could create a music oriented resort with cabins made from shipping containers! I think that would be really cool. If you go to google and type in "shipping container houses" or something you can get some really cool pictures and on youtube there's a few tours of some, I also found some house plans that I thought were kinda cool. You can look at the house plans HERE, just scroll down and click on one.

Other than that I don't think I have anything else to interesting to talk about.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Doing Nothing and Loving it

Dennis finally made it to Georgia. The mess is cleaned up and we are all settled into the bus again. I appreciate the A/C and a mattress soooo.... much. I don't see tent camping anytime in the near future.
Today was a day to do absolutley nothing but eat,nap,play legos with the boys,float in the pool, and just plain veg. So enjoying the day which is turning to night. Kids are off doing park activities and Den is teaching his last student for the day. than watch a movie and crash early.
Now that the bus is fixed and the sale of the house has a closing date, things seem to be looking up in the adventure of a lifetime. Life most certainly is a rollercoaster ride.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Adventure it is

Had an awesome time in NY. I love the beach. The sand and the ocean. Can never get enough of it. LI is home and always will be. I was a bit sad to leave but excited at the same time. Adventure awaits and I am ready to explore.
We left NY on the 17th headed for GA. Den had a performance to make.
We didn't make it more than 5 min. down the road before oil began sloshing out. Our 5am departure turned into an 11am departure. We were cruising along happily until... the bus decided it didn't want to go anymore. We only made it 3hrs. Stuck on the side of the road in PA.
Finding a place to bring it and getting towed there was not as hard or expensive as it should have been THANKFULLY. Spent the night in a HOT sweaty bus beacause we couldn't run the air. Come to find out in the morning that this is not going to be an easy or quick fix. We need a new engine. GREAT!!! Now I'm really getting sick. Calm down, find a campground for a few days and we will be on our way. Most certainly we will be in GA in pleanty of time for Den's next gig. Well, we did find the most awesome campground run by an awesome couple. Shady Oaks in PA. If your out that way it's a great place to stay.
Turns out we were not getting our bus back for quite awhile. We had no choice but to pack up a tent some clothes and all den's music gear and head to GA. We also had to fit the 2 dogs and cat in the truck. The hamsters have a happy new home in PA. It was NOT a pleasant ride but we did make it.
Can you say HOT?! It was over 100 degrees the first day and hasn't cooled much since we've been here. Fisrt night I got bit by something and woke up with an eye swollen shut for 3 days. Got poured on and flooded the tent twice so far along with an invasion of ants that follow the storm. The flies just won't quit. Sitting in the tent sweltering to hide from the damn flies.Got bit again on the foot last night after all the drama and it's swollen and hurts like hell.
Got a phone call last night, "Can't find Jacque" WHAT? Needless to say I lost my flippin mind. She was at warp tour with some friends and they seperated. She was safely recovered. When I pick her up tomorrow I will count all her fingers and toes, hug her than yell at her and than hug her again. I didn't get to go to warp tour this year but that won't happen again.
This trip has started off rocky and extremly challenging. We are determined to keep pushing through. There has to be a light at the end of this hell. We are all healthy and safe and the kids are having a blast. There are bunnies,turtles,a snake,monitor,skink, and a parrot named Paco that hates me for some reason. Everytime he sees me he climbs down and chases me. I did nothing I tell ya. I'm innocent. The pool has been keeping us cool. Lack of shade has us all pretty tan. It's all good. An adventure it is.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to Ga

We plan on leaving New York by this coming wednesday and being in GA by friday. I'm excited, but I'm gonna miss everyone here. My parents got a work camping job at Jelly Stone Park so we only pay for electric. Jelly Stone looks like fun, it's a kids campground, so they have a bunch of cool stuff, I just hope it's not all for the itty bitty little kids. Today my mom and the boys are going clamming, but I have to stay home, because I don't feel good and my dad is staying because he has to work on the bus.

Gaberiel got a store on eCrater too, it's called FunkyJunkyJunk and he plans on selling his little junk thingys on there, some of them are really cool though. He doesn't have anything up yet, but he will soon.

I made my own blog called BeHappyKid. No one else will post there, just me. I just got bored and felt like making a blog, to promote my eCrater store and just to tell people about life on the road. Just because I made my own blog doesn't mean I won't post on this one, because I still will, especially if no one else will.

That's it for now. Bye bye!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is just a quick little post to tell you guys I changed the address for my store, because there was a better website that my aunt suggested to me to here's the new address: http://behappykid.ecrater.com/
Ok bye!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

4th of july was a couple days ago. It was pretty good. There were literally fireworks going off in every direction, no matter which way you turned there were fireworks. I even heard some going off yesterday. One thing I did really miss was having a big party in the culdesac and doing more fireworks after the big ones at Riverstone. I don't think it's nearly as much fun without friends to wander off with, but either way, the fireworks themselves were great! When we got back mom set off some firecrackers and I thought one flew up and landed in my hair, but instead it was a flipping bug. I have no clue what it was but I pulled it out and jumped off the back of the car screaming at my dad to get it out. I was laughing and crying at the same time and the boys were standing there laughing "Are you crying sissy?"

We've decided we have to get rid of Princess (She's the dog). She's getting kinda pissy. Mom thinks it because she doesn't have the space she used to have to just get away so she's been getting mad and attacking Fido (the other dog) for no reason. I think my mom found a friend on facebook that might take her. but I'm not sure. I hope so. I'm gonna miss her though. We've had her since she was a puppy. I remember chasing her around the backyard when we were litte with bats and my mom would come out telling us we couldn't do it. And we thought it was hilarious. Now that I think about it feel bad though. If I saw Rickey doing that now I would yell at him. I hope she's happy with whoever takes her.

Dad was gonna play a show in the Hamptons, but I think he changed his mind. Now he's gonna play in GA instead because if he were to play in the Hamptons he would be paying them $50 for electricity, but in GA they're paying him. So we're gonna try leaving a week early July 15th. After that he has a wedding show on the 20th I think and I'm going to Warped Tour with some friends on the 26th. I have one band that I absolutely HAVE to see, Pierce The Veil. If you don't know who they are you should definetely check them out, Clicky.

I think that's all the news for now. Dad's working on the pumbing now. We've had gas for a couple weeks. Ok NOW I'm done. Check back soon! Adios!


P.S. I added a new video to youtube

Friday, July 2, 2010


Oh what an eventful day!
This morning right after breakfast the boys started fighting over spots on the couch (no surprise there) and got sent to their bunks for the most of the morning.
Mom and I were gonna go the the bank and walmart today, so we left and went to the bank first. I sat in the car and she went inside, she wasn't even gona 10 minutes when BOOM! (it wasn't really much of a boom) The anti-freeze hose thingy bursts and the car starts smoking. Some guys came over and told us what to do, what we needed and of course how to rig it. Half an our later my dad and grandpa finally showed up and looked and then we went to go get the part. It took us about 3 hours to finally get to walmart.
After we went to walmart I got some ponytail holders and sat on the couch for the rest of the day making bracelets like the ones you'll find here "http://behappykid.webs.com/apps/webstore/" and then I put 'em up for sale.
I made a shop called BeHappyKid and I'll be selling stuff that I make out of boredom and whatnot on there, so you should DEFINITELY go check it out....and maybe buy some stuff? (: It's not really the cheapest, but it's worth it! I promise!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Friday night I spent the night at my cousins house with her step-daughter to be, Leila. We went through magazines and criticized all the famous people's faces and clothes, went to Carvel and got ice-cream while Jessica got her nails done, we had pizza and.... yeah. That's about it.

Today we went to an old friend/band buddy of my dad's, Nick. He was pretty cool, he used to play with my dad in Sahara, which is supposedly popular in Europe, 15 years after they broke up, of course. Anyways we met at his mom's house and she thought the bus was a great idea, she said it's a good idea to do it now rather than wait till you're 783383. I'm sure we'll all enjoy it more when we're young because if we wait till we're old we're not gonna remember a damn thing anyway and I'll get to tell people more about it now rather than just saying it was pretty and I would love to go back. We hung out with him for a couple hours until him and his daughter had to go catch a ferry and go home, but they're coming back in a couple of weeks so we'll meet them then

Now we're back home and mom's making dinner, pizza and french fries. So I guess that's it for today.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I can never come up with a good title

The past couple of weeks have been fun. I've lost track of how long we've been here, but we're gonna leave before July 14th, at least that's the plan.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a cousins birthday party. When they came up to eat cake, he stuck his hand in and got a big glob of it and stuffed it in his face.  After that night my aunt and I slept till almost 1.

Mom brought us to a pond/lake, with a bunch of ducks and they came right up to us for the bread. We got to see ducklings too.

We went to a friend of my dad's parents and he was a beekeeper. He made the honey and stuff. He showed the boys the factory thing in his basement while I was alseep. I was still exhausted two or three days later from the party.

We finally got to go to the beach without freezing our butts off.

I had my mom cut and dye my hair. It's a dark red and barely below my shoulders.

We went strawberry picking with an old friend of my moms and her kids. Rickey came home a mess with strawberry juice all over his a**. Then got ice-cream and spent the day with them.

I'm sure there's more that I can't remember, but oh well.
Adios Amigos

The Bus

Hannah Won't leave me alone and keeps asking me to put pictures up, so here ya go!

^Back to front^                                                               ^Front to back^

^Closets^                                                                        ^Potty Room^

I hope this makes you happy happy Hannah. I t doesn't look much different from when we left.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chased by wild turkeys, dodging seagulls who want your sandwich at the beach, and a spider at the bottom of your drink. I must say it has been an interesting few weeks.
The beach is beautiful but the water is so cold that it hurts to go in. Children don't seem to feel the cold. Is this a sign I'm getting old?
I do love our new home on wheels and it is coming along. We now can cook. YEAH!!!! A./C will be soooo........ nice. It gets flippin hot in here. Fans only work so well. No longer do I spend several hours cleaning. How I am loving a small space to clean.
When we head out of here in a few weeks I hope to take my first ride in the bus. I've yet to be a passenger while it is in motion. I have no intention of ever being the driver.
Life is good

Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 weeks!

It's been 3 weeks since we left GA. We went to the beach today and it was finally a nice day! It wasn't freezing like the last two time! The water was cold though, after 10 minutes my legs were numb and when i got out they were bright red. The only thing was that the beach that we were gonna go to originally was closed because parking was full, so we ended up going to a different one and the traffic was horrible! Coming and going it was pretty bad. Before we left some guy saw Rickey's shirt which says something about Jesus and he came over and talked to my dad. Apparently he was going through a lot of challenges in life and he just started talking about how he knows God will help him and stuff. He wasn't one of those weird people that just come up and start trying to preach to you though. He was actually kinda cool and he asked us pray for him and whatnot, it was just one of those you have to be there moments. And now we're back in the bus. Renzo's trying to make a match rocket, or something like that with the boys and I'm doing this. Dad has been working on plumbing and propane the last couple of weeks with out grandpa. And that's it I guess, nothing to interesting.
Love you guys, Jacque

Monday, May 17, 2010

So we've been in NY for a week. I got a Bop It thingy and that kept me entertained for a couple days, yesterday we went to Cold Spring Harbor and literally got chased by wild turkeys! I can't believe I didn't have the camera! but mom got a few pictures, I'll put them up later because the computer isn't working right. I'm on a Blink-182 kick right now, so that's all I've been listening to lately. My mom and I might go to Bamboozle or Warped Tour, it depends on if we can find anyone to go with us, I can;t wait to go to the wt in GA. We went to my aunts house on friday and I got to see my cousins baby Jayden. The boys and I played video games most of the time I think it was Call of Duty and that's it. Other than that this week was really boring.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The wild ride

Made it to NY after one WILD ride. The short version is: departure day we decide I must drive our car because apparently we can't tow it with a dolly. Leave much later than anticipated. An hour into trip we almost overheat. The cat freaked out and made a bloody mess until he was let out of the cage and allowed to hide under a blanket. Princess who was always the good dog was a monster. Fido who was always the bad one was the best behaved. The hamsters survived and the snake was a challenge because of so much stuff in his tank. realize a few hours into our journey I left laundry in the dryer. oops. I liked that top. Oh well.  Spent a night in a truck stop. Gopt lost on a country road. Thankfully not for long. Lost easch other several times going over bridges and through city. Spent a very cold night in a parking lot. Kids are headed indoors tonight thanks to a very generous offer. Gonna be another very cold night. BRRRR....... Snuggled under some nice warm blankets I shall sleep like a rock. Need to recoup. Goodnight all.

Finally in NY!

We left Ga saturday afternoon and got to NY at around 2ish sunday morning.
The ride started out pretty good, the dogs were fine for the mostpart... until we started driving. That's when they started drooling and trying to get in the bunks. After we got them to calm down the cat started going crazy. At the time he was in the cage and started scratching at the door thing. He managed to twist two claws and get a bloody paw. When we stopped at the gas station I let him out and he was fine. I guess cats just don't like cages. The rest of the drive was actually pretty good. The only bad thing was that everytime we stopped Princess (the dog) ran straight to the door and wouldn't listen to us. We stopped around 10 and slept at a truck stop and surprisingly we all slept pretty good. We didn't sleep late, but we slept good. We woke up sunday morning at started going again.
We drove all day, with a couple stops in between and it was pretty good. We stopped at McDonalds for either lunch or dinner, I don't remember right now, but it was one of the two. When it started getting late I was gonna go lay down in my bed but, it smelled yucky, so of course I went and tried to find out what it was and when I got to the foot of my bed I saw that the cat had peed! All over the foot of my bed! So I ended up sleeping on the bench and I was uncomfortable and freezing all night but somehow I actually slept pretty good. We stopped in the Goodwill parking lot, which is across the street from my grandparents house, and spent the night there. When we woke up we just sat in the bus and waited till my grandparents moved the cars out the driveway.
When the cars were moved we somehow managed to get the bus into the back yard. This whole time I noticed something, new yorkers don't stare nearly as much as everyone else does, they just look at the bus and go right back to whatever they're doing.
That's it so far. Goodbye!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting there

Not going to post till we get going. May be quiet for awhile as plans keep changing and stuff keeps gettin delayed. Adventure awaits. trying to get there is an adventure in of itself.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The lawyer we spoke with said it was not going to be worth it to sue the "lovely" people that have left us holding a bag with our hands tied. Although did say we could probably win. The house is re-listed but we can not sell till we get a termination letter signed by buyers and noone can get in touch with them or their lawyer.
The HOA is threatining to tow the bus because it was supposed to be gone by Friday. It was not our plan to still be here. Crap happens. Please don't tow it. We will be gone by monday no matter what. I promise. Cut us a bit of slack, please. The driveway around the back tire has cracked and sunk a bit. Surely we will have to fix that. I see more $$$$$ flying out the window that is non-exsistant at the moment.
Everyone is beyond exhausted and cranky at this point.
If the house doesn't sell in the next couple of months the bank gets it and we lose the money that was supposed to pay for the conversion of the bus. That will leave us with a mountain of debt on top of the mountain that we got into trying to keep the darned house when business went south. As you can see it only gets better.
Kinda makes me more nervous about what life on the road has got in store for us. The imagination is in overdrive. Not in a good way either. It's been one hell of a ride getting there.
I have been holding onto faith with all my might but to be honest I don't know how much longer I can keep it together. God is gonna have to give me a booster shot or send this ride to a comfortable cruising level for awhile and quickly.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sold the house...so we thought

So we were supposed to close on the house today, right? Well someone butthead changed their minds last minute yesterday!
The people that were supposed to buy our house changed their minds when it was to late but, of course, they found a way to get out of it. First they tried saying something about the roof. I'm not really sure what it was but supposedly they said something. After the roof they said we lied to them about the radon test saying we told them it hadn't been tested before when it really had, or something like that. We got the papers from the last radon test but, of course, there was no number thing on it, I think my mom said it was for the radon percentage or something, i dunno, but now they found their loophole. They don't have to buy anything! I hope their happy!
Now we're leaving on monday, because that's when my mom scheduled the electricity and whatnot to be shut off. I was excited too! Way to ruin the adventure people!
I guess it does give us more time to work on the bus though doesn't it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

6 days!

So we finally brought the bus home! We had it here for one day until the HOA lady came. Dad just told her we were leaving in a week so thank God she let us stay! The neighborhood garage sale was today. there were a couple of people that looked at the bus in the driveway and got this look of disgust on their faces but, i think most of the people just asked what we were doing with it and after we told them they thought it was really cool. My parents are getting a bunch of help on the bus right now. The have a carpenter that they're bartering with, the family that came to help us and theres an electrician that's helping with the electricity! I think the electricity is almost done, i really have no clue but, i do know that the cabinets are almost done! Yay! so we have 6 days to at least get the basics of the bus and then we have to finish it up while we're living in it. We're also debating weather or not to paint the bus purple, black and white or red and black. What do you think? I'm not sure if anyone reads these things but if you do leave a comment telling what color you think we should paint it. that's all i have to say. Adios!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

recycling debacle

Looking at an old beat up dresser and thinking we can save a few bucks, we begin transforming it into what is supposed to be dinette benches. So begins our 4&1/2hr project which ends in it falling apart and looking like a kindergartner could have done a better job. It was either laugh or cry so we opted for laughing at our second failed attempt at re-purposing furniture. Not just laughing but we were so flippin tired that we laughed so hard were crying. Guess you can say we laughed and cried. It was bad. It just fell apart. I'm still laughing. No more re-purposing furniture. Never again. Could have had 2 benches built in the time it took us to create nothing. We needed that laugh so I guess you can look at it as a good thing. We have video of the recycling debacle which I'm sure Jacqualine will post.
Till next time,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter is almost here!

So Easter is tomorrow! Can't wait! We just finished coloring our eggs a couple minutes ago and, I uploaded some pictures that my mom and I took.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Click here to see more!
So this is our last Easter in the house. 24 days and we'll be kicked out of our house and living in a bus.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So mom was going in and out of the house making hamburgers on the barbeque and some other stuff. She comes back out again after a while to check on the burgers. Guess what she saw. Our 9 year old neighbor in the woods behind our house...running away from a fire! She yelled at me to get her phone, called 911 while running to untangle the hose as the fire grew. After a while I guess a neighbor noticed and he came out with his hose and helped. I new the kid was stupid but, I honestly didnt think he was that stupid. So right after my mom and neighor put out the fire The firemen show up but, they wont go talk to the kid because my mom didnt actually see him light anything she just turned around and saw him running away from a itty bitty fire that looked like it had just been lit. Let's just hope we get out of here before he decides to light the house on fire instead. I wish I had the camera

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finally Getting Somewhere

Weeeell I do believe we finally finished the ceiling! We've started put down the subfloor for the carpet in the bunk room thingy, but of course, the drill bit broke! So now we have to wait till tomorrow, after that our aunt it coming, and along with the rest of our family she's completely clueless about the bus, so we aren't gonna be able to work on it for a little while. Now back to the good news! My mom sent out an email or something last night and now we have to families that are willing to come out and help us with the bus sometime! It's amazing how nice these people are! I don't think anything like that has happened since we've lived in a house, maybe being on the road will be better than I thought! At the moment Gabe and my dad are upstairs modifying the beds to turn them into bunk beds and whatnot. Theres a new video up on youtube too! aaaaand here it is!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The adventure hasn't even begun

The adventure hasn't even begun or so I thought. Trying to sell the house instead of losing it all. Negotiations are under way. Losing our shirts but rather head out with no debt if we have a say. Learning that life has other plans for us. The bus is nowhere near done. Losing my mind. Hubby is exhausted from working constantly on the bus and coming home to teach so we can keep what little income is left to keep us fed and a roof over our heads till our new home on wheels is ready. I don't know what to say. Life is an adventure and this is the wildest adventure yet.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Tune in next time for more.
More to come,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Exhausted, excited, terrified, all these emotions at the same time are taxing and it's just the beginning. There is an offer on our house that God willing will pan out. They get an awesome price, we lose money but we want to hit the road with no debt. A sale and losing a ton of money would definatley beat losing it all and being stuck with the financial turmoil called debt that this crappy economy has left us with.

making progress FINALLY. The ceiling is up. That was a nightmare. The floor insulation is in. Now it's time for hubby to start framing it out. So much work and so little time. We hope to bring the bus to the house on weekends so we can put more time into getting it done. Damn HOA!

The kids I think are handeling all this chaos better than me. I keep flip flopping that this will be a wonderful adventure. Sure it will have it's ups and downs. that's life. It can be a wonderful learning experience. new people,new cultures,freedom to explore the world in which we live. The traditional lifestyle of get married, buy a house and car, have kids and do the mundane daily routine till everyone is out of the house repeating the cycle in their own lives then it's time to go enjoy life is ingrained in our brains at such a young age that the fear of screwing up our kids keeps sneaking into my head. Family should enjoy life together.

blah blah blaah

so far we've gotten the ceiling up and the insulation for the floor down and next we're gonna frame it out and after we do that dad's gonna build a bunch of stuff. We finally got an offer on the house! they came to look at it again today so right now we're just waiting. I'm kinda excited to go on the road, but at the same time I really don't want to go. Ya know what you should definitely do, you should check out NeverShoutNever's new album, cuz it's pretty flippin awesome! Click Me!

Friday, March 12, 2010

It has been almost 2 weeks since we have gotten our bus. It has certainly been a rough start. Who would have thunk that the ceiling having been taken out would have been such a project. We are newbies and are figuring out the conversion process as we go. I believe hurdle #1 has been cleared. Woo hoo!!!! Onto the next project. Hope to have the bus done within a couple of months. Follow along on this crazy journey of converting a school bus into a home on wheels. It has just begun.
I am excited and terrified at any given moment about this adventure. The kids are excited and Dennis is excited. I'm the chicken in the family. Guess I'll have to get over myself.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gettin the bus tomorrow!!

Hi! It's Gabe and Jacqualine and we're gonna tell you how we're gonna get the bus tomorrow! :D Ok so.... this is how we're gonna get the bus, we're gonna go to sleep and then wake up at 6:00 in the morning. Then we're gonna get in our mom's truck and then we're gonna put the keys in the ignition and after that we're gonna floor the gas pedal and go zooming out of the garage and driveway! We're gonna give the dude the money, get the bus, then come back home and act like nothing happened. But when our parents wake up we'll run downstairs and be like "MOM, DAD! THE BUS IS IN OUR DRIVEWAY!" and then mom's gonna be like "Oh honey, you must be kidding, the bus wouldn't just show up in our driveway overnight." and then we'll say "No mom! We're serious it's really in our driveway!" and then Gabe is goin to burp and say "sorry mom, I had some gas today, gotta let it out, it can't just live in my tummy forever." "oh never mind that. I'll go see if the bus is really there and if you two are lying you're going to be in some serious doodoo" is what she'll say, and then dad says "no honey let me come too." So we were outside in the cold and there was the bus the beautiful bus. When they saw it they woke up everyone in our house and we worked on it and worked on it until it was done, then we just drove away. the end!