Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Last weekend I hung out with some girls my age. They were renting one of the cabins because it was one of their birthdays. I got to spend the night with them and we tried to build a fort on the playground, but when the parents went to the cabin to go potty and we weren't there they freaked out and we had to go back inside, but it was fun.

A couple nights ago we went and hung out with the owners and some of the other people that work here. One of the owners kids ran outside with a cereal box and a lighter and started a fire in the fire pit. When it started going out he went back inside at got more trash, after that all the boys were going in and out with trash, and then they started gettting trash from the garbage cans around the campground. it was pretty funny.

We went to Cave Springs Georgia on Friday to see a cave. It was kinda small, I was expecting it to be a lot bigger, and have water dripping from the ceiling or something, but my said it was a dead cave. They had an underwater spring, and supposedly it's the cleanest water source on this side of the pacific.

Last but not least, I added a couple of things to my BeHappyKid store, so you should definately go check that out.

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