Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day trip to Talladega National Forest and More

Things were getting a bit stagnat for awhile. Everyone was getting restless, wanting to move on. We decided we have to venture out. Fear of breaking down yet again couldn't continue to hold us back. So we all took a deep breath and hoped for the best. Happy to report we made to Alabama and back with no problems except for a scare that the brake problem was not yet fixed properly. Turned out it was just from having to use the brakes a bit more going up and down all the hills. I think my heart skipped beat when Dennis said STOP! I smell breaks again. Thankfully all was okay.
We hiked to what was supposed to be waterfalls. Well.... we didn't find much in the way of waterfalls but it was beautiful and we had a blast climbing on the rocks and some of us took a shower in the what was flowing. It was an awesome day and rechared us all.
We are getting antsy and wanting to move on, but it looks as though we will be hanging around till November. Have to secure some cash and possibly another work camping gig. We shall see what is in store. No more plans set in stone since God seems to have other plans and it trips us up. Just going with the flow from here on out.
I would post pics but seems I can't figure it out. Gonna have to have Jacquedo it for me. In the meantime if you want to check out some pics of our day you can head on over to my website or or even find me on facebook.
We did meet a family travelling fulltime. They got us beat. They have six kids. Glad to have some kids during the week. Jacque has girls her ageto hang with a couple of days. Good things are happening. May God keep us on the upswing.
Hope everyone is having an awesome time in whatever they are doing and werever they are.

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