Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waco Fall Fest

So yesterday was the Waco Fall Fest. I don't think I've ever seen that many people in one place in this town since we've been here. It was really hot so we didn't stay most of the day because everyone was complaining that they wanted to go.

They had a talent show later on that Lorenzo and I had already signed up for, I only signed up because there were no other musicians and he needed someone to compete against. I had to do an easy song because I had less than 2 days, I ended up playing "When I Come Around" from Green Day.

Everyone in talent contest was a singer! Most of them were really good, but they had 3 old ladies judging, supposedly they had all worked in the music business for a very long time, but who knows how long ago that was. It was all country, but they not once chose the people that actually deserved to win. The singers were divided in age groups 15 and under, and 16 and up. For the 15 and under group, the first girl played guitar and sang and in my opinion she was the best. The girl that got 1st place was alright, but the girl who got second place sang the star spangled banner and in my honest opinion, she was absolutely terrible, but, to each his own.

For the 16 and up group, they did a little better when they picked the winners. They chose some girl that had great stage performance for 1st place, a barber quartet for 2nd, and an amazing singer for 3rd. I think the barber quartet or the girl who got 3rd should have won and my dad thinks the same.

When it was my turn to play I couldn't hear the music at all so I sounded like absolute crap! I could only feel the bass drum and it screwed up the whole song. Supposedly one of the judges was giving the sound guys dirty looks when he tried to turn it up. So I was ready to just collapse when I got off the stage.

When Renzo went up he said he couldn't hear the music all that great either, but he still did a whole hell of a lot better than I did.

They called us both up to the stage and Renzo got a 1st place trophy and $100 and I got $25. It was definitely an experience, I can tell ya that. We ended up splitting the money, both because it was an unfair competition and also because he couldn't have done it without me. So I guess that means I get to go to my Flyleaf concert. YAY!

When we got back we had ice-cream and root beer with everyone up at the office to celebrate. All in all it was an interesting experience.


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